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Where do you hang out?

You might think you’ve never been to Victimtown … but you have. We all have. Check out all the places.

Welcome to Victimtown.

“Not ’til we are lost… do we begin to find ourselves.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

Liz Long, author of Navigating Shitstorms, talks about Victimtown
“My heart voice knows best.”
“You should be really worried.”
“What you want doesn’t matter anyway.”
“Have another drink. Don’t think about it.”
“Life is a competition against others.”
“You can’t be happy until ______ happens.”
“You’re a terrible person.”
“Someone needs to put that guy in his place!”
“I will trust this Happiness GPS.”
“You’ll never heal. Your life is over.”
“You’ll never figure out all your issues.”
“You know what’s best for them.”
“You’ve dishonored your family.”
“I hate her. She deserves to die.”
“You are SO right. And they are SO wrong.”
“Human value depends on success.”

Looking for

Join me and all the other seekers as we explore and share the various paths.