Self-awareness is hard but worth it I’m a terrible liar I have a potty mouth I got diagnosed with ADD at fifty-nine my fears never completely go away I am an anti-victim I don’t put up with shit that I used to (as in, I finally have boundaries) I make mistakes I respect trauma as a teacher I have fake boobs I’m 90% less judgey than I was a year ago I’ll meet you wherever you are I’m into radical self-care I have only seven childhood memories I exercise regularly, except when I don’t feel like it Brene Brown is my idol I’m a teetotaler meditation makes a difference I’m resourceful; I can usually figure out a way to get the job done I no longer wish my ex-husband dead there are always people who have it worse than me loving myself without limits or conditions is my life goal I’m aiming to inspire people I relish my heartfelt relationships with my two wonderfully weird and completely lovable adult sons I hoard books fear is my largest foe I’m learning how to ask for help dancing is good for the soul I’m no longer responsible for how other people feel I have trichotillomania I came close to getting nuked by a ballistic missile blaming is useless I respect an attitude of curiosity I’m oblivious to current events; I almost never watch or read the news worrying is a waste of time I’m getting better at calling a spade, a spade I have one tattoo intrinsic human value is legit I lived in Victimtown for most of my life I have to know why Lynda died having complete trust in all outcomes is a relief I’ve made some big mistakes everyone is doing the best they can kindness matters farting is funny there are always people who have it easier than me I moved more than twenty times to get away from myself there’s a life-sized fiberglass cow named Carly on my lawn I’m realizing that owning my stories can set me free I’m practicing saying the hard things I’m learning how to defend my boundaries my heart voice always knows best I’m working on listening to it more fearless acts move me forward assumptions suck I believe in re-incarnation I will continue to make mistakes my cow has a wardrobe I’m catching on that it’s never too late to start over I learned the hard way that being right is usually not worth it I’m unravelling how to just let it be I think that real courage is the ability to view every past experience, every current situation, and every person involved with love and compassion

“Inner-child Liz Long” experienced trauma at a young age that led to three shitty beliefs; I am not worthy, I am unlovable, and the world is unsafe. Sharing her seven, ‘funny-not-funny’ childhood memories, along with her post-traumatic insights, she hopes to inspire others for their healing journeys. Sometimes, she still gets scared.


“Momma Bear Liz Long” relishes her heartfelt relationships with her two wonderfully weird and completely lovable adult sons, both of whom now live across the country.


“Spiritual Liz Long” understands that we are all connected, and that real courage is the ability to view every past experience, every current situation, and every person involved with love and compassion. Yep, I know. This is a tough one. It was a big leap for Liz too.


“Human Liz Long” makes mistakes. She practices and promotes radical self-care while striving to spread kindness in the world. She is incredibly grateful to have the love and support of her extended family, some close friends, and especially her BFF.


Having moved residences more than twenty times, Liz has recently taken up permanent residence at a secluded lakefront property in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.