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Wanna hear
some Crazy Shit?

Pull up a chair.

I’m gonna reveal a way to end the chaos in your head.
I’ll spill the beans about how it’s possible to love yourself without limits or conditions.
And I’ll give you a well-worn guidebook for Victimtown and directions to Freedomville, with tips and post-its.


Hi, I’m Liz Long

For years I thought, “There’s GOTTA be more to life!”
It all started with a bit of childhood trauma…

And I lost my way.

It was a long and complicated expedition to reclaim my voice and find my place in the world. I’m enormously excited to entertain you with my ‘funny-not-funny’ stories, as I share my futile coping mechanisms along with the things that relieved the chaos in my head.

I even checked into ‘a Place’ for depression – and I’m willing to talk about it! Courses are coming soon and a self-directed Guidebook too!

If you wanna stay awhile, I’d love the company.
I promise we’ll keep it real.
I truly think this shit can change your life.
I hope you’ll feel less alone.

Have you ever landed in Victimtown?


Have you ever landed in Victimtown?

We all have. Victimtown is where we learn our most valuable life lessons, but the risk is getting stuck there. There is a way through, and my new book will guide you on that journey and send you on your way to your next great adventure. Check out all the places.



Liz Long’s new book Navigating Shitstorms is a guide to loving ourselves without limits or conditions. Shit happens, and when it does, the voice in our heads that we choose to listen to – and believe – determines whether we’ll land in Victimtown or Freedomville. Find out how here.

The Book
Navigating Shitstorms by Liz Long